Kodi Mann

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. What can I expect from the call?
We’re going to do a high level relationship evaluation of your immediate pain points so we can delve deeper into the roots of your marital troubles. We’ll discuss what you’ve already tried, what has and hasn’t worked, and your goals you have for your marriage. We’ll also cover any questions you have about this program and expectations that we carry for our clients. At the end of the call, if we feel like working with Kodi would be a great fit, then we’ll have a follow-up call going into specific details about signing up for the right program for you. If we feel like it isn’t the best fit, we will still be happy to recommend you to other resources to best help you along in your journey.
2. How do you usually work with clients?
In short:
Our goal is to work with you taking effective action that will reroute your marriage into a positive, fulfilling relationship even if your husband isn’t present. The way we do that is through specifically structured coaching programs that utilize one-on-one direct coaching, community based group coaching with women experiencing similar pain points in their marriages, and custom designed mindset exercises that rewire your brain to foster new habits that positively impact your marriage. The end result: you have a marriage that you custom designed for you and your husband that you both will love with a budding thriving future.

The real reason:

– Why
When you get married there is no “how-to” instruction manual that lays out a step-by-step relationship for you over the next 50 years.
You are left to your own devices to figure things out DAILY with another full-time human with his own mind, wants, and needs.
Reality sets in; growth happens; behaviors and interests change – suddenly you’re left with a roommate rather than a partner.
Communication becomes an exhausting challenge.
Quality time becomes a fantasy.
Trust begins to fade.
Intimacy is an obligation rather than a pleasure.
You become trapped in your own marriage feeling unfulfilled and alone.

– What
What you do to reverse the negativity in your marriage is hone the skills you already have into effective tools that serve you.
This means that enriching conversations take the place of ‘talking’ .
Your actions become proactive instead of reactive.
Your negative spiraling routines change into progressive growth that both you and your husband enjoy.
You become partners again rather than isolated roommates.
All it takes is some mindset changes and a lot of practice.
What does that mean?
It means that you’ll rewire your brain through introspective exercises that form new positive habits.
Habits that you’ll use constantly in every interaction with your husband that nips conflict in the bud.
You’ll still be you – you’ll just have a broader perspective, more patience, and a deeper understanding of what your husband really needs to be the man you married.
It’s not easy. If you’re looking for a quick fix in your marriage, this isn’t it.
However, if you’re willing to put in the work resulting in a long, exciting future with your husband, then keep reading. This program could be what you’ve been searching for.

– How
The way this changed my life was pivotal – not only for my marriage but for all aspects in my life.
I’ve been there.
I understand the struggles of a failing relationship.
How I went from drowning to a happy wonderful marriage was simple: I worked hard on my habits to change them to positive ones that produced results both my husband and I now enjoy.
The best part?
He started picking up on those changes and implemented them himself WITHOUT actively being aware of it.
You get what you give but you need to understand WHAT and HOW to give first.
That is why this program so effective, and it’s why you’ll succeed in your marriage.

3. Who is Kodi Mann?
Kodi Mann turned her relationship of 8 years around by using the same principles she shares with her clients. She received her certification from the World Coach Institute and started coaching as a life coach in 2016. Her mission was to help individuals transform the chaos in their lives to an efficient joyful experience. From there she evolved her business into a hyper-targeted marriage coaching machine. She has worked with couples all over the United States, even taking some couples from the divorce lawyer to a happy marriage. She is passionate about helping couples find bliss in their marriage that is long-lasting and real.

Some People We’ve Worked With

Gregg Searles

"Kodi did an amazing job when opening my mind when I needed it much in my life. Simple phone calls turned into deep conversations where I opened my own mind to issues I had no idea where even there. Every meeting felt comfortable, caring, and like I was talking to a friend I've known my whole life. Would easily recommend her to anyone who needed someone to talk too!"

Allison Hammer

"Kodi was extremely impactful in facilitating conversation and fosters a relationship with you. She asks insightful and thoughtful provoking questions, while meeting you in the state you are in. Her counseling has truly impacted my goal achievement, relationships with others, and self-actualization. I would recommend her services to anyone serious about getting their life goals on track."

Afton Tankersley

"Kodi is great! She really makes me think about why I feel the way I do, what steps to take next to accomplish what I want, and how looking at things through a different perspective can be helpful! I would absolutely recommend Kodi to anyone who needs a little guidance!"

Allison Lee

"She asks the questions that makes me really think about what I need to do to achieve what I want. Absolutely helpful and insightful. Would recommend her to coach anyone who is wanting a positive change."

Chelsea Fenton

"Kodi is essential to getting your marriage back on track. I came to her because it was either that or separation. She worked with both my husband and I on communication and understanding. It changed our lives. We now understand each other’s triggers AND needs. We’re able to support each other in ways we never thought possible. I’m so thankful to have Kodi in our lives. She listens to both side objectively and fills in the gaps that we didn’t even know we had. She’s passionate about what she does and it shows in her coaching. I can’t recommend her enough."