Awaken Your Marriage and Reignite Togetherness

Master Your Marriage and Regain Your Future, Invest in your marriage – not your divorce

Who Am I?

11 years and some failed relationships ago, I met my husband and became the epitome of #relationshipgoals. Now, just because the previous relationships didn’t work out doesn’t mean I didn’t learn something. I was able to muster through controlling, sometimes verbally abusive behavior to learn how to communicate and read people very well. I knew then that when I did finally meet my husband, I was going to become great at marriage.

Pair those dating experiences with my husband polishing my understanding of how a relationship should actually work, and I became a well-rounded advice station. Everyone – including total strangers – asks me how I achieved such a wonderful marriage. I always tell them, “I made a choice to get ‘good’ at my marriage.” I realized there are fundamentals required to make any marriage succeed.

I harnessed those and developed courses to help others achieve #relationshipgoals as well.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

If you’re a married woman who is:

  • experiencing marital issues
  • feeling like their marriage is dying
  • feels like their partner is replacing them
  • feeling isolation at its peak
  • feels desperate but doesn’t want to lose her marriage and has a spouse who also doesn’t want the marriage to end
  • Then this program is for you.

    Kodi gets spouses to a point where they are unconditionally there for each other, are trusting, and have a reignited sense of passion and attraction.

    Module One

    Transforming Isolation into Partnership


    Transform feelings of isolation with a true marital partnership that you enjoy being in.


    Have you ever thought, “I’m married. I shouldn’t feel this way!” Frustrating thoughts and feelings inside your marriage don’t have to be the norm. You don’t have to feel like your stranded on a deserted island with no hope of companionship. Through this course, you and I will work through very specific mindset exercises that build habits to mentally remove those feelings. You’ll also gain the ability to work with your husband through certain custom exercises that will be designed for your specific situation – whether he knows it or not. You’ll have the skillset to transform feelings of loneliness and isolation into a true partnership with your husband. Isolation isn’t forever – your marriage is. Take charge and let’s bring you back to the partnership you’ve been wanting for so long.

    Module Two

    Communication without Conflict


    Start enjoying conversations with your husband!


    Stop, Listen, and Speak. Stop fighting. Start listening and understanding each others needs. When’s the last time you laughed with your husband? When’s the last time you didn’t cringe at the thought of talking to him? When’s the last time you actually WANTED to have a conversation instead of avoiding it? Conversations with your spouse shouldn’t end in turmoil – they should be enjoyable experiences that enrich your marriage. My courses work with you individually through group coaching and one-on-one sessions to give you solutions that benefit you the most. In this module, you’ll walk away with valuable communication skills you didn’t know you had, new perspectives that you and your husband adopt whether he attends a session or not, and individually designed exercises to show you how to use and manage your new skills effectively. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the communication tools to curb conflict and actually ENJOY talking to your spouse.

    Module Three

    Growing Together vs. Apart


    Get back on track by growing together without losing your individuality.


    Marriage is about growth. It’s about enjoying each other for a lifetime – not losing each other completely. In this module, we’ll discover the root of why each of you are choosing separate paths, and how to alter your course. You’ll learn to focus on choosing each other above all else, how to handle obstacles that get in the way, and to be happy through it all without feeling like you’ve sacrificed everything you enjoy. Growth is about progress. Are you ready to progress in your marriage – together? Clear feelings of selfishness, sacrifice, and resentment in your marriage. Replace the negatives with a willingness to choose your spouse above all else and be HAPPY about it!

    Module Four

    Regain Attraction and Ignite Passion


    Flirting, Butterflies, True Emotional Connection, and SEX!


    Have you fallen into a routine? Love life been a little ‘lack luster’ lately? You’ve read enough Cosmo to write your own Kama Sutra, and you’ve still have no results? Yep. We’ve all been there. No, you’re not doomed to live a life of celibacy. In this course, you’ll rekindle romance that grows into a flame. You’ll bring back those butterflies you miss so much. You’ll be looking at your husband like you did during your honeymoon, and he’ll be flashing those bedroom eyes at you all the time. You’ll deepen your emotional connection and start having fun again. Sound good? How does that happen? You and I work together to uncover where the passion went, why it’s still gone, and what to do about it. I’ve designed specific mindset exercises that trigger your brain’s creative side not only for the bedroom, but for all aspects of attraction. You’ll participate in exercises that aren’t just experiments in the bedroom. The problem you’re having takes a lot of mindset work above all else – and we work together to clear those blocks so you can clear the tension. Let’s get started reigniting passion back into your marriage!

    Module Five

    Offering Your Trust with Confidence


    Renew trust and confidence in your husband resulting in a solid relationship foundation.


    Trust is everything. Without trust, there is no marriage – there’re just bitter roommates tied into an eternal contract. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true. How does that trust get broken? Maybe it’s a simple lustful glance that he gave another woman. Maybe promises are made but they’re never kept. Or maybe all communication has stopped and suddenly you’re living with a stranger. Only you know why the trust is gone – and only you can bring it back. In this course, you and I work together to redesign your marriage through relationship introspection. We’ll work through a specific step process that guides you into learning why the trust was broken, repairing that bridge, and then growing positively from what you’ve overcome. I won’t lie, this is a lot of work, but the reward is worth it! Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll feel more confident in your marriage than you ever have and you’ll be on your way to a new, positive relationship with the man you married.

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